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Microsoft Confirms It Has Completed Windows 10X RTM Build 20279

Windows 10X

A month ago it became known that Microsoft would like to finalize Windows 10X in December or Early 2021. Now the Redmond -based company seems to have compiled the RTM version of the operating system. In the near future, we will only work on improvements and bug fixes.

RTM-Build contains all the basic functions

Although Microsoft has not yet officially confirmed this, Zac Bowden assumes that the Redmond-based company recently completed the RTM build. The current Windows 10X version should be the build 20279. This version should contain all of the basic features of the software optimized for dual-screen devices.

Operating system still without Win32 support

Nevertheless, Microsoft will continue to work on minor optimizations and bug fixes in the coming weeks and months in order to be able to deliver the operating system in the new year. So far, the Windows 10 offshoot should not support Win32 applications. Instead, only support for UWP apps and PWAs is offered. Win32 support could possibly not be delivered until 2022 together with the postponed Windows 10X device Surface Neo.

The first devices should appear in spring 2021

Windows 10X should be found on some cheaper laptops next year. With this, Microsoft is initially not making the operating system available for dual-screen devices, but as a ChromeOS alternative. The first notebooks running Windows 10X are expected to be launched in spring 2021. Which exact models are involved remains to be seen at the moment.