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Microsoft Edge browser is secure for enterprise

Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft held its Ignite conference today and laid out a bunch of announcements for the community. The highlight of the conference is secure Edge browser. Microsoft said that it is making its Edge browser more secure in enterprise environment.. The company is now trying to renovate its browser and provide fierce competition to Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft Edge browser is not very popular in the internet community.

Microsoft Edge browser container is like a maximum security prison

During the press event, Microsoft explained the Windows Defender Application Guard. The Windows Defender App Guard protects Windows 10 from not trustworthy browser sessions by running it in a container that is bound directly to the hardware. In short, this will make Microsoft Edge browser more secure for enterprises. The company put up an argument that containers within other browsers (such as Chrome and Firefox) leave enterprises vulnerable to 90% of the attacks because the services do not use hardware based protection.

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The new tool by Microsoft will not let the malware touch the rest of the network or the machine. The code of the malware will still run but inside the container so it won’t do harm to the enterprise. The container as Microsoft dubbed is very similar to a maximum security prison. Microsoft Edge browser will be the safest for enterprise to use.

This new service is built-in windows 10 and Edge so using the application guar is very easy for enterprises. This app is however, not available for download but might become available for enterprises that want to try in early 2017. Microsoft promises a broader rollout in 2017.

TechCrunch reports that in the event Microsoft also announced a number of features for Office 365 security. The Advance threat protection is now better at protecting user computer from malicious URLs.

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