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Microsoft Employee Publishes Unofficial UWP App uTaskManager

The task manager integrated into Windows is an easy way to manage programs and services. Until now, however, the tool was always linked to the system. A Microsoft employee has now developed a UWP variant of the task manager in his spare time.

The Microsoft employee is Andrew Whitechapel, the former program manager of the Windows Phone team. In the days of Windows Phone, he was responsible for enabling developers to work on applications for the mobile platform. Today he is part of another team and is working on UWP apps for Windows 10 in his spare time. His latest application is uTaskManager, an alternative task manager.

App uses the Windows 10 diagnostic APIs

The uTaskManager uses the diagnostic interfaces of Windows 10 and therefore has numerous functions that the normal task manager also brings with it. There are various tabs that provide the user with information about the currently running processes and applications. In addition, system information and an overview of all installed programs can be displayed. However, there is still no visual representation of which resources are currently being used. It also doesn’t seem to be possible to exit applications. The app can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.


Why Andrew Whitechapel developed the app remains unclear. The normal task manager is still bound to Windows 10. In order to outsource the component as an app, Microsoft would have to make changes to its operating system itself.

Therefore, the uTaskManager has no way to replace the existing task manager. If the Redmond Company plans to actually outsource the system components, the task manager should be redeveloped internally and probably no longer based on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), which has been abandoned for some time.

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