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Microsoft Getting Closer To End Control Panel

Windows 10 Insider preview

With the last Windows 10 build, Microsoft has come a bit closer to being able to cut off an old braid: The developers are moving further functions from the control panel to make them unnecessary.

Microsoft made it clear years ago that the old system control will only continue until the newer settings area is complete and mature. However, this led to the fact that both positions have now existed for eight years in order to make various settings on the system and to be able to obtain further information. The points searched for can hardly be found particularly intuitively.

The development has also been rather sluggish in recent times, but now it seems that more life is coming to the fore. In Windows 10 build 20161, which has been available in the test channels for a few days, the system page, which provides extensive information about the composition of the respective computer, has moved to the settings. There it can now be found under “Settings> System> About” or “Settings> System> About”.

Further conversions are coming

However, anyone who is still used to the previous route and would like to get the information in question will not fail. From the previous place in the control panel, a link leads to the newly created page in the settings area. This now also contains a copy button that puts the most important system information directly in the clipboard and thus makes it usable in other places.

The shift on the system side should only be the start of the fact that there will be many more shifts soon. Brandon LeBlanc, head of the Insider Program for testing upcoming versions of Windows, asked users to send feedback on which setting options, which can only be found in the Control Panel, are still being used. Based on this, it should also decide which parts are addressed with priority. It is currently clear that nothing fundamental will change in the coming year, but at some point, the point should be reached where all settings can be found in one area.

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