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Microsoft has launched an Arm version of windows 11 for Mac devices

Although you can run Arm versions of Windows on your Apple silicon-equipped Mac computer via parallel virtualization software, doing so isn’t a simple process to follow. Microsoft has thrown away this way of running in Windows 11 Arm.

As per information from a support document that was published by Microsoft on its website. Parallels 18 was requested by Microsoft in this document to provide a legal and authorized solution for its use on Windows 11 Arm flavors on the M1 and M2 series of Macs. Through this statement, it seems that the software was already in place for a long time.

As the maker of Parallels implies, this version can be used normally.as it allows you to download, install, and configure Windows 11 with just one click that is fully completed with a virtual TPM chip for security credentials. This latest solution is much more convenient to use on a Mac. The older version only allowed you to interact with a preview version of the system.

This version of Windows 11 Arm is still not that perfect

Although Microsoft has given it a shot to make it much more authorized, it still has some limitations. As per the cautions, this feature requires a layer of virtualization that won’t be working with Android app support or the Windows subsystem for Linux. It also lacks DirectX 12 support and does not support 32-bit Arm apps.

It’s also important to keep in mind that using virtualization to run Windows 11 Arm is less performant than using native support. But the Qualcomm Arm processors that drive Windows Arm laptops trail well behind Apple’s own chips, so we wouldn’t be shocked if performance on Macs was actually better.