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Microsoft investing $40 million on AI development for social cause

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Microsoft has announced $40 million investment in AI development for social and humanitarian development; the company has announced it during the Ignite 2018 event in Orlando, United States.

The software giant will establish a five-year AI development project which will implement Artificial Intelligence in disaster prediction, refugee assistance, child rescue and the maintenance of basic human rights.

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However, Microsoft’s humanitarian AI development project is somewhat similar to its previous project to use AI for Good promotion. The five-year AI development project is more focused on developing AI to assist and betterment of human life.

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During the ignite 2018 event, Microsoft has also announced a series of artificial intelligence applications and their development, the company has initiated the AI technology to be more flexible between the terminal device and the cloud service.

Apart from that, the company has also worked for the protection and security of the devices in order to avoid malicious intrusions and multi-hacker attacks. Microsoft said the company will also modify the corporate application development which is being used in the company and replace it with artificial intelligence technology to create a more convenient life mode.

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