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Microsoft Launches New Emoji Replicating App


For making machine learning fun and exciting, Microsoft has launched a new free application that would permit users to replicate an emoji and rate them on the performance.

The tech giant has launched a new free Windows app referred to as the Emoji8, which makes use of machine learning technology for guessing the user’s facial expressions when replicating an emoji.

The app Emoji8 gives the user an emoji to copy it, then analyses the video feed from their computer’s webcam. The app then informs the user their percentage of accuracy by providing them with a score of performance in replicating the specific emoji.

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Emoji8 also gives the users the option of making a GIF with some crazy facial expressions for sharing it on Twitter.

The most interesting part of the app is that it does not even need the internet. The application is available for free in the Microsoft Store, but the user must be using an updated version of Windows 10, as informed by Microsoft in its blog post.

As per the claims of Microsoft, Emoji8 is for showing how easy and quick is the expertise of machine learning. Microsoft has got the aim to show with its app that Windows machine learning APIs could be used to build apps for making machine learning fun and approachable as reported by Mashable.

As per the company reports this app would be giving one a great end-to-end example of how one could use the Windows ML APIs for creating easy yet amazing experiences.

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