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Microsoft Is Not Killing “MS Paint” But It Won’t Be The Same Either

There has been the news circulating that the next update of Windows 10 would be the death of Paint App. This was due to the fact that the company released news which categorized Paint “deprecated”. This means that it was considering eliminating the App in its new Update. The overwhelming response on social media by fans forced Microsoft to release another blog post which said that “Paint would not be completely removed; it would be available for download on Windows Store for free”.

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Something that is extraordinary in this whole situation is that we have loads of new, innovative editing software’s in this digital age but the 32 years old MS Paint with its basic features is still loved by people. The way fans on social media felt on the death of MS Paint was absolutely astonishing. Makes one wonder about the cliché “Old is Gold”.

Few responses on social media about the earlier news:


One thing needs to be clear for all the people out there, the new update by Windows won’t be the death of MS Paint. By being part of Windows Store, Paint is here to stay, but yes it won’t be like before.

It was in November 1985 when Paint was introduced in our PCs for the first time. Many generations used paint to edit pictures. Now time moves so fast that in previous year Microsoft released a new advanced version of Paint, called Paint 3D.