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Microsoft Paint Update Offers New Functions In Windows 11

MS Paint

Microsoft Paint has received a lot of attention since the introduction of Windows 11. The developers from Redmond are constantly giving the well-known tool for image processing new functions and design adjustments, as insiders can now find out again in the dev channel.

The revival of Microsoft Paint on Windows 11 is gaining favor in the community, but it is far from over. Although the Mica design with transparent elements and an improved, refreshed view of the various painting tools have been introduced in the last few weeks and months, the final settings and functions are to be redesigned in a modern look. Microsoft is taking another step in Paint version 11.2110.43.0.

As the Redmond-based company shows, among other things, in a blog post, the design of various dialog boxes has been updated. The update refreshes the options for color selection (“Edit palette”) and format change (“Resize and drag”) with contemporary WinUI elements. Apart from that, the following changes are announced.

Additional changes and bug fixes

  • Microsoft fixed an issue where text boxes would move unexpectedly when using IME> to type on pictures.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue where the modern dialogs were not respecting the regional language in countries like the Netherlands.
  • Microsoft has activated a new feature that lets you Shift-click a color swatch to use that color as the secondary color.
  • Microsoft has improved support for screen readers.

The update for Microsoft Paint is currently being distributed to users of Windows 11 Insider Preview builds in the dev channel. The final rollout of the new functions and visual adjustments is planned for the beginning of next year 2022.