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Microsoft prefers Samsung’s gaming hub over its Keystone gaming console

The cloud game streaming console by Microsoft is known as Keystone. Microsoft mentioned that it is still working on the gaming console. At the Tech Live Conference, the CEO Phil Spencer of Microsoft Gaming mentions that the company is working on a new project. The new project entitles an Xbox game streaming device that doesn’t require the users to download games. He added that it would be a low-cost plug-and-play device, but for now, the idea has been postponed.

Adding on further he said that the recent shift was made in a decision made during late spring. Now, the company is shifting its focus to the gaming hub. Since it is collaborating with Samsung. The gaming hub feature of Samsung is paired with its high-end TV sets. It is designed in such a manner that it supports Xbox games via cloud streaming. Spencer further added that might Samsung work on a streaming device in the future. But it will require a long time before making its official appearance in public.

Last year, we heard about the announcement of Keystone, but the official launch is not coming soon. As noted by The Verge, the actual reason is unknown, but it could refer to the size of the device. An image shared by Phil Spencer reveals that it is similar in appearance to the Xbox series 5 and requires the space of a shelf.

Nowadays more options for plug-n-play like Chromecast are available for the users. Microsoft always tended to refer to the keystone as a streaming device instead of a stick. Though, the company has launched an Xbox TV app. This app is supported by Samsung TV. But it only holds the support for 1080p games.

Given the competitors in the market, Microsoft has a lot more work to do on Xbox cloud gaming.