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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Optional November Update

Microsoft has added an optional and non-security update for Windows 10. This is the preview for the December patch day. Included are not only bug fixes, but also new ones.

Apparently there are no changes compared to the preview that appeared in the Windows Insider Program on November 12th. As always, the release of the optional Windows 10 update starts gradually. Update KB5020030

is available now and, according to Microsoft, brings a number of changes. If you want, you can now install the update manually and benefit from the changes. New features include the Remote Help application for client devices and search improvements. In addition, Cortana is no longer automatically pinned to the taskbar. More on that in the release notes at the end of this post.

Install manually now

The KB5020030 update is a preview update or an optional update. Microsoft used to group these updates under the term “C-Updates”. If nothing comes up, the changes contained therein will be automatically distributed to all users on patch day in December. However, Microsoft does not start distributing the optional updates at once, as it does with the security-related updates. Optional updates are offered via the Windows Update function.

You have to search for and start it yourself via the “Optional Updates” menu item so that it is loaded and installed.

Details of the changes

  • New! It provides the remote help application for your client device.
  • New! The search box now appears on the taskbar by default when the taskbar is at the top of the screen or when you enable small taskbar button mode. You can use the search box to find information and search your PC and the web right from the taskbar. To configure how Search is displayed, right-click on your primary monitor’s taskbar and point to Search. For more information, see More About Search.
  • New! To optimize the taskbar, Cortana is no longer pinned to the taskbar by default. If you want to re-pin Cortana to the taskbar, see Using Cortana in Windows.
  • Addresses an issue affecting some devices managed by an organization. We improve the reliability of app installs for them.
  • Addresses an issue that affects Cluster Name Objects (CNO) or Virtual Machine Objects (VCO). Password reset fails. The error message is: “Error resetting AD password… // 0x80070005”.
  • It fixes some persistent update bugs for the Microsoft Store.
  • Addressing an issue affecting Daylight Saving Time (DST) in the Republic of Fiji. DST will be canceled for 2022.
  • It fixes an issue affecting Microsoft Direct3D 9 (D3D9). This causes D3D9 to stop working when using Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  • It fixes an issue affecting certain printers. The printouts are misaligned.
  • Addresses an issue that can impact applications running under the Windows Lockdown Policy (WLDP). They may no longer work.
  • Addressing an issue affecting Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Automated investigation blocks live response investigations.
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