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Microsoft Starts Windows 11 Installations With New Hardware

Windows 11 October 20

Microsoft has made an early start. The company had announced the new version of its operating system – Windows 11 – from today. Nevertheless, the Redmond-based company made the downloads available earlier than expected.

Registered testers will basically already know the present build with the number 22000.194 because it differs only marginally from the last Insider editions. Everyone expected that it would start when the Microsoft employees in Redmond come to the office in the morning.

The reason for pressing the big publish button for breakfast in New Zealand is unknown. The only thing that is clear is that the ISO file in which the final build is packaged and the associated media creation tool is now available to everyone.

Officially, the new version should be available on newly purchased hardware from today. The numerous Windows 10 users will then be offered the new operating system step by step via the Windows update – a process that could drag on well into the coming year. The enthusiasts among the users are difficult to slow down anyway and can of course upgrade directly to the latest version by following the download links below.

Ready to go

You can find out what you need to be able to start Windows 11 directly in our FAQ section. Even with the first steps with the new operating system, we will accompany you here and answer any further questions that may arise in the near future. In the short term, however, you will also find tips and assistance from other readers in our Windows 11 forum. You can also look forward to a detailed test and a video tour through Windows 11.

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