Microsoft Store Locations Are Closed Until Further Notice

Microsoft Store

Microsoft has announced yesterday that the company has decided to close all the physical stores amid Coronavirus fears temporarily until further notice.

Affected by the outbreak of the new pneumonia-like epidemic in overseas countries or regions, Apple has announced two days ago that it will temporarily close stores directly operated by Apple Stores outside of China to reduce the risk of new crown virus transmission. In addition to Apple, Microsoft also announced the temporary closure of offline Microsoft Store offline stores worldwide. This is for the safety of customers and store employees. The adjustment will take effect today and the reopening time is uncertain. However, the Microsoft Store will continue to serve.

In addition to the temporary closure of offline stores of various companies, such as Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference announced the cancellation, Google I / O 2020 Developer Conference announced the cancellation, Apple WWDC 2020 online change, Microsoft Build 2020 Developer Conference announced the cancellation, Huawei P40 global new product launch conference will be held online … Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and other companies began remote work. However, there are some difficulties being faced by Apple employees working from home reported earlier. The employees are facing uncomfortable work conditions, slow internet speeds and lack of resources available to complete the work.

According to the latest data, the number of newly diagnosed new coronavirus pneumonia in Italy was 3042, with a cumulative diagnosis of 27,980; the number of newly diagnosed in Iran was 1,053, reaching 14,991; the number of newly added in Spain was 1,438, totaling 9,191; the number of France was 1,210, totaling 6,633; There were 668 new cases in the United States and a total of 4,442 cases. A total of 98,862 confirmed cases have been diagnosed worldwide, of which 83,962 have been confirmed, with a cumulative death rate of 3,876.

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