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Microsoft Store To Allow Free Games And Mods Installation Soon

Xbox Game Pass

For a long time, the Microsoft Store was an extra when it came to games because there was hardly any reason to use it. This has changed fundamentally with the Xbox Game Pass for PC because since then many games have landed on the computers of Game Pass subscribers via the store.

As much as the Microsoft Store as a game platform has benefited from the Redmond Group’s game subscription, the handling has so far been impractical. Because you could already choose during the installation on which drive a game should end up, but nothing more.

But that will change soon: As The Verge found out, you will soon be able to access the installation folder. PC gamers will not only be able to move the game files more or less freely but will also have considerably more options for game modifications.

The information was not official at first, but The Verge editor Tom Warren undoubtedly has excellent contacts to Redmond and referred to “sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans”. Accordingly, an update for the Xbox app for Windows is currently being tested internally, this should open the previously restricted WindowsApps folder.

Mods for everyone

That will also create significantly more mod opportunities. Modifications of games are already possible, but this is limited to a few games. This opening also makes backups much easier. Other PC launchers such as Steam or Battle.net have long allowed this, but in the future, the new Xbox app will also offer the option of verifying and repairing installations.

Microsoft has since confirmed that: “With great PC games like Back 4 Blood, Age of Empires 4, Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite, available on Day One with Game Pass, we wanted to give players more options for their experience in the Xbox app, “said Xbox manager Jason Beaumont.

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