Microsoft Surface Duo Seems To Be A Failure: The Project Dies Gradually

Surface duo 2

Touted as an innovation, now arguably on the sidelines, Microsoft seems to have lost interest in advancing the Surface Duo idea. Questions about updates for the Surface Duo 2 remain unanswered, and there is “nothing to say” about the future.

Microsoft is not interested in the Surface Duo anymore

Too high a price and a potential that has never been exhausted: This is how you could briefly summarize what many have criticized about the idea of ​​the Surface Duo since it was launched three years ago. The Surface Duo 2, released in 2021, could not bring about a turnaround for Microsoft, the project is largely considered a failure in the industry. Now there are reports suggesting that Microsoft has completely lost interest in further development.

Windows Central is very certain, based on internal sources and recent statements from Microsoft, that the company is “cutting the sails” on the Surface Duo project. In response to a number of requests for further Android software updates, Microsoft only responded with the message that it had “nothing to share”. The same answer follows when asked if production of the Surface Duo 2 has ended.

In both cases, however, the report wants to be able to provide information on the actual development behind the scenes on the basis of internal sources. Accordingly, Microsoft has stopped production of the Surface Duo 2. This fits with reports from users, according to which the company has recently given no replacement devices as part of warranty claims, but a refund.

“According to the sources, a large part of the Surface Duo OS team has been siphoned off to work on Teams Rooms for Android,” Windows Central continued on the development in the software team. As a result of this restructuring, there have been no plans to bring Android 13 to the Surface Duo 2 for “a few months”. However: a former developer from Microsoft recently provided an unofficial update to Android 13 – albeit with restrictions. Security updates for the Surface Duo 2 are usually available until October 2024.

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