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Microsoft tests Windows 10 features for major upgrades

microsoft tests windows 10

Microsoft is trying its best to improve Windows 10. The operating system is available to users from 190 global territories and provides Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users with one year to upgrade free to the new version. Microsoft tests Windows 10 for the major update it has in store for user the coming year is in progress.

Microsoft tests Windows 10 features for next year update

F.lux is the only available option for window users to reduce blue light of their screens in the evening. Toggle is Windows very own native app and this will bring blue light control to the users. Apple is also working on this feature but it is unsure when it will be encrypting it in their Mac operating system . The Verge reports on speculations that if Microsoft is successful in implementing the blue light reduction feature in Windows 10 then it will bring it to the mobile version of the operating system as well.

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In the recent features revealed by Microsoft to Windows 10 operating system, it seem blue light reduction feature might be a bonus. Microsoft would also be getting rid of the sunrise app on its operating system.

The popular sunrise calendar app was said to be shutting down in August. But then on user demand, Microsoft decided to keep the app and integrate its features to outlook and android. However, Microsoft is not getting rid of the app until the sunrise app is fully integrated into outlook.

Although, all these features being tested by Microsoft on Windows 10 are in progress. And there is no definite conclusion whether or not these amends will be a part of the OS. If Microsoft approves then these features will be a part of the operating system update to be released in the next year. It is noted that these features can be toggled form the Action Center (Notification center) in the operating system.

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