Microsoft To Add New Remote Desktop Connection To Windows 10

Microsoft is once again attracting users’ anger with an unannounced change or a new “addition”. This time it’s about Windows 10: The new Remote Desktop Connection function will be installed on Patch Day November.

A new remote desktop connection appeared in the Preview

This is evident from numerous user reports. What was noticeable was the sudden appearance of the new Remote Desktop Connection in the Windows 10 preview builds.

The change or the anger surrounding it is exaggerated too much. Günter Born has therefore written an article about the change and published a few interesting insights.

Optional update for Windows 10

The update KB5031445 for Windows 10 22H2 is currently still available as an optional update and will be automatically distributed to all users on Patch Day in November.

Microsoft will install a new Remote Desktop Connection feature in Programs and Features with the file mstsc.exe. This file has existed for a long time and is basically not new.

Günter Born writes: “Remote Desktop Connection is just a Windows application with this name. A connection to remote computers can be established using the mstsc.exe program. The program is mostly used in corporate environments/servers. The application means not that a remote connection has been set up on the computer.”

So no active connections are established, only the substructure is provided. Microsoft started this with Windows 11 a few weeks ago.

The users are now getting annoyed because the component is installed without asking, even if the user had previously uninstalled it themselves. This can now easily be done again via the “Programs and Features” settings, but users are now wondering whether Microsoft will “foist” the remote desktop connection on them again in one of the upcoming updates.

In addition, Günter Born’s article states that the mstsc.exe/remote desktop connection was disabled for a good reason, as it was unnecessary, especially for Windows 10 Home users, and represented an additional security vulnerability. It is expected that Microsoft will comment on this no later than the release on Patch Day on November 14th.

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