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Microsoft To Add Power Saving Mode In Xbox And PC Games

The energy crisis is currently one of the big issues and many gamers are also considering whether and how they could reduce their power consumption. Microsoft has also been thinking about this for a long time and is now considering special energy-saving settings for games.

Energy is becoming more and more expensive. This is mainly a consequence of the Ukraine war, but some people also want to make their small contribution at home to reduce consumption to combat the climate crisis. The greatest savings potential is certainly in household appliances, i.e. the so-called white goods, but gaming is also a factor that should not be completely neglected. Because consoles and sophisticated gaming PCs need a lot of power.

Climate protection is also playing an increasingly important role at Microsoft. The Redmond-based group has recently implemented several measures to focus more on the topic of energy, including the improved display of power consumption in the settings of its Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles.

Energy saving via reduced settings

But as reported by Windows Central, Microsoft is currently looking for ways to further help users save energy. In a recent survey within the Xbox Insider app for the PC, the Redmond company presented several options for discussion.

One idea relates to a purely optional way of reducing energy consumption. This power-saving mode would reduce the frame rate, resolution, visual effects, etc. Microsoft also wants to know from users what they think of the energy crisis in general and whether they are willing to cut back on gaming in response. The company also wants to know what gamers think of certain terms in this context.

Of course, such a survey does not mean that this will actually happen. But it would certainly be welcome if Microsoft offered such options. And as mentioned: All of this would certainly be purely optional.

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