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Microsoft to face another EU competition complaint

EU Commission

Microsoft will have to deal with another competition procedure in the EU in the near future. Several of the company’s competitors have lodged a complaint with the responsible body of the European Commission. It’s about the booming cloud business of the software group Redmond.

Amazon clearly had the lead in this for a long time, but then Microsoft came along and made significant profits. Meanwhile, the two providers are fiercely competing for the lead and all other cloud operators have to put themselves at a significant disadvantage. Competitors are now complaining that Microsoft’s contract and business practices are making it expensive and difficult for users of its cloud computing services to choose a competitor’s services, the news outlet reports. Reuters citing a source familiar with the matter.

Microsoft sees it very differently

The European Commission has confirmed that there are complaints on this subject. However, no details were given here, this should only be the case when an official procedure is started. Microsoft does not see the problems mentioned in the complaints. “Cloud providers have many options to offer their customers cloud services with Microsoft software, whether it is customer-purchased or partner-purchased,” said a company spokesperson.

“We are constantly evaluating how best to support partners and make Microsoft software available to customers in all environments, including those of other cloud providers.” The complaint was originally alleged to have been filed by two of Redmond’s competitors. However, the hoster OVH has now also joined the business. He also stated in a statement that from his perspective Microsoft was abusing its dominant position to limit consumer choice.