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Microsoft to kill Skype Classic from November 1st

Microsoft is killing-off Skype Classic from November 1st. Starting from November, Microsoft will no longer support Skype Classic (7.0). Previously it was planned that Microsoft will end support of Skype 7.0 version in September but it has been delayed to November.

Users had various complaints regarding the complex GUI of the Skype 8, thus Microsoft decided to delay the kill-off of Skype Classic. Now Skype developer has asked all its users to upgrade to Skype 8. Those Skype users who disapproved of the decision started a petition at Change.org asking Skype to change its decision and keep Skype Classic 7.0 version alive. More than 1000 people signed the petition.

Microsoft answered the user’s demands and said,  “We’re continuing to work on your most requested features. Recently we launched call recording and have started to roll out the ability to search within a conversation. You’ll soon be able to add phone numbers to existing contacts, have more control over your availability status, and more.”

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Last year Skype redesigned its whole interface by introducing Snapchat like features to give a modern look. But the original Skype users were not happy. The old Skype users are mainly professionals who do not want a Snapchat like look to Skype. Finally, after a lot of upgrading and tweaking, Skype was able to find the right balance. Skype 8 version was also changed to bring back a few of the old features. Thus Skype management wants to satisfy its original users and keep the new ones engaged as well.