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Microsoft Warns To Increase The Prices Of Xbox Consoles And Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft is keeping the prices of the Xbox Series X/S and the Xbox Game Pass stable, but inflation is not leaving the Redmond-based company untouched either. Gaming boss Phil Spencer can no longer rule out a price increase for consoles, games, and services in the long term.

Since Sony increased the prices of its PlayStation 5 (PS5) by 50 euros at the end of August, Microsoft has refrained from an inflation-related adjustment and has so far kept the prices of the Xbox Series X (499.99 euros) and Xbox Series S (299.99 euros) Celebration. However, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal (via Tom Warren ), Spencer hinted that given the current situation, prices cannot be held at 2020 levels forever.

Xbox Products Price May Increase Soon

“We’ve kept the price of our console, our games, and our subscription. I don’t think we can do that forever. I think at some point we need to raise the prices of certain things,” Spencer said. However, Microsoft is trying to postpone the price increase for as long as possible, so that the costs for hardware and software remain at the known level, especially in the upcoming pre-Christmas period.

So far it is unclear in which area the Redmond company must first cut costs. On the one hand, you could catch up with Sony and offer the Xbox Series X for 550 euros, or you could increase the monthly fees for the Xbox Game Pass by a few euros.

In particular, the Ultimate tariff, which is currently available for EUR 12.99 per month, leaves room for an additional charge due to its scope games flat rate, Xbox Live Gold, EA Play, and cloud gaming.

According to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, now and towards Christmas could be the best time to gear up for an Xbox Series X or Game Pass subscription. Especially since the delivery situation of the console has calmed down.