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Microsoft Will Launch Dubai Font In Its Office Products

Dubai government on Sunday announced the launch of “Dubai Font”, the first typeface developed by Microsoft for a city, which will be available in 23 languages.

According to the news sources, Dubai government announced on Sunday the launching of new Dubai font developed by Microsoft for the city, Dubai font will be available in 23 languages.

Dubai Font was also developed in Latin and Arabic scripts, which will be available to 100 million office 365 users all around the globe.

Prince of Dubai called upon all government and semi government institutions to adopt the font as quickly as possible and keep it intact for official correspondence.

Prince Hamdan, who is the head of the Executive Council of Dubai which manages city affairs, said that the font truly reflects the UAE vision to become regional and global leader in innovation.

This is the first ever font named after a city and exclusively developed for city, Secretary general of Executive Council, Abdullah Al-Shaiban told reporters.

Dubai is actively focusing on technology, previously Dubai police department was in collaboration with Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB) in order to digitize policing systems. The Home of world’s tallest Skyscraper Burj Khalifa is focusing more and more on technology in order to make Dubai more sophisticated for workers, citizens and tourists.

Dubai is the famous tourist destination for everyone whether they are from middle east, far east, Europe, Africa, America or Australia. Dubai is becoming more services oriented state as compared to other states in UAE and relies less on oil reserves.