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Microsoft Working On A Foldable Arc Mouse, Patent Reveals

More and more foldable smartphones and tablets have come onto the market in recent years. The devices are much more compact and take up less space during transport. A patent from Microsoft now shows a new mouse that can also be folded.

Folded Mouse Could Be Transported Easily

The patent was already filed on March 30, 2021, and published a few days ago. As per reports, the Redmond company describes a mouse with two possible configurations in the patent. Besides the normal mode, there is a specially designed state for transport, in which the mouse is folded.

The device shown in the patent could be a future model of the Surface Arc Mouse. The current generation of the Arc Mouse has a curved design. The mouse can currently be transported in a flat state. To use the device, the mouse has to be folded into a curved position. The Arc Mouse has a touchpad and connects to a PC via Bluetooth. The current version is available via the Microsoft Store and currently costs 65 dollars.

The patent may not be fully implemented

Whether the described device will actually be offered is still unclear at the moment. So far, Microsoft has not officially confirmed that it is working on such a project. Many ideas described in patents cannot be found in a final product later on. Therefore, an announcement of a new Arc Mouse generation remains to be seen for now.

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