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Millions in fines imposed on Facebook and Google For Cookies


The French data protection authority CNIL has fined the two Internet giants Facebook and Google millions. Users were not given the option of rejecting cookies with little effort. Acceptance, however, is possible with just one click. While two subsidiaries of the Google group are supposed to pay a fine of 150 million euros together, Facebook was billed 60 million euros.

The CNIL criticizes the fact that several clicks are necessary on google.fr and facebook.com to refuse the use of cookies. This makes it easier to allow use. In addition, when you turn off cookies, you must click on a field titled “Accept cookies” at the end. That would have been misleading for many users. This practice affects the freedom of consent and violates French law.

Companies need to make changes

The million-dollar fine is the highest fine that the French data protection authority has imposed so far. Over a year ago, Google was obliged to pay 100 million euros because some advertising cookies were stored on computers without prior consent. Like the CNIL in one Message (via BBC) writes, both Google and Facebook now have three months to adjust the way they handle cookies in France. For each day of delay, a further penalty of 100,000 euros is due.

According to a statement by a spokeswoman for the Facebook parent company Meta, the company will look at the authority’s decision. The cookie settings would give users more control over their data and should be further developed and improved. Google is also aware of its “responsibility towards people’s trust” and emphasizes that there will be changes in the future with regard to cookie practice.