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Mimestream Gmail Client for Mac is now official

Mimestream was developed by Neil Jhaveri, the former Apple Mail engineer. It is a Gmail client for macOS. It was available for a period of two years in beta development. Just this week, the period of beta development ended. As of now, Mimestream 1.0 is ready to be released officially.

It is a native app that is based on Swift. It is designed by using AppKit and SwiftUI which gives the app a clean and stock appearance. The UI of Mimestream might appear similar to Apple Mail users. However, the app is dedicated to accessing Gmail. The app is based on the Gmail API instead of a traditional IMAP connection. It has support for features like server-side filters, templates, labels, vacation responses, mentions, categorized inboxes, aliases, signatures, undo send, archive, and more.

In addition to this, it is also supported for several Gmail accounts. It includes a unified inbox. The app is fully integrated with macOS and offers various aspects like keyboard shortcuts, swipe gestures, system-level notifications, system-level Dark Mode support, and linking email profiles to Focus Filters. The new version consists of various new features. one of the main features is Profiles. Using this feature users can separate their accounts as Personal and Work. Furthermore, profiles can be distinguished via different colors and icons. Additionally, there is a Mimestream menu bar item. It helps with rapidly checking unread messages without opening the app.

The app has received around 220 updates and 100 features during its free beta phase. Furthermore, the startup has grown from its original solo developer to a first-person team. As of now, the beta development phase has ended. It means that the app will now be available as a paid-for client. It costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. For the first year, the payment plan is discounted at $29.99. This offer is valid until June 9. Moreover, users can benefit from a free trial period of 14 days.

The access to app available to macOS 12 will expire on May 26, 2023. More than 167,000 people have joined the beta program of Mimestream on this version. However, these users will have access to a free trial to try out the new features. Users of macOS 11 or 10.5 will have access to existing beta versions of the app.

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