Mobile App ‘Labbaik Bhakkar’ Launched

The district government of Bhakkar has released the first-ever mobile app for the people which would be proving them with the civic and municipal services at their doorstep.

At the inauguration ceremony of the mobile application— “Labbaik Bhakkar”, the Deputy Commissioner of Bhakkar—Syed Bilal Haider said this facility has been introduced to attain and to maintain increased levels of efficiency, transparency, convenience and accessibility for the city residents.

He further mentioned that the citizens would be given a modernised system for reporting and for monitoring the government departments via this application.

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This application is a complaint management system for the citizens for reporting or filing complaints against the government employees of the Bhakkar district.

The Deputy Commissioner said that if anybody has some problem with the revenue department or the land department or the accounts department, the person could contact the district government via this mobile application and they would then forward his/her query to the concerned department or authorities.

The application is available both in English and in the Urdu language. For downloading the app, one should have the 4.2 or some other above version of Android. It is offered by the Punjab IT board.

The district of Bhakkar is an agricultural region. It is situated in the West of the province of Punjab. The district was made of the parts of Mianwali in the year 1982 with Bhakkar city being the headquarter of the main city. Its area comprises of a riverine path along the Indus, known as Kaccha and the majority part of the district area lies in the deserted plain of the Thai desert.

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