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Mobile World Congress Has Been Cancelled Due To Coronavirus Threat: Bloomberg

MWC canceled

According to the latest report by Bloomberg, the world’s popular event Mobile World Congress MWC 2020 has been canceled amid growing coronavirus epidemic. The threat of coronavirus and its spread is still lurking around the globe. GSMA the organizer of the event earlier said, they would make sure to protect people attending the event and they have put extra measures to minimize the chances of being affected by the disease.

Now GSMA has finally decided to cancel the event as more and more companies announcing their absence from the event, LG, and ZTE were among the first companies to announce their pull out of the event, Amazon and Sony followed and after that more companies joined the cause, including Facebook, Apple, AT&T, Ericsson, Intel, MediaTek, NVIDIA, Royole, TCL and Vivo.

In a reply to Bloomberg, CEO of GSMA John Hoffman said, “The outbreak made it “impossible” to hold MWC 2020.”

Now we will have to wait for the official statements by the companies and the events they had announced to hold at MWC 2020, whether they will also cancel those press conferences and events or they will reschedule the dates is unclear yet. Sony earlier announced that it will hold the conference on the internet on the same date February 24, 8:30 AM CET, however, the decision by other companies is still unclear.

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