‘Monsterverse’ on Apple TV+ is being filmed in 3D for Vision Pro

According to reports, the upcoming Apple TV+ program “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” is being shot in 3D to fully exploit the immersive cinematic experience made possible by Apple’s Vision Pro headset. Based on interviews with sources involved with its development, Sigmund Judge of ScreenTimes reports that shooting has started in a three-dimensional format supported by Apple’s recently announced headset. The live-action Godzilla and Titans TV series is based on Legendary’s Monsterverse brand.

Well, if this information is correct, then it will be the first TV+ show that support the 3D video-viewing capacities of Vision Pro. Vision Pro is based on VisionOS, its software. It provides the users with option to select the frame rate and aspect ratio, and thus experience shows and movies in Cinematic Environment. It also supports spatial audio. Furthermore, given its capacities the virtual screen environment appears 100 feet wide.

Apple unveiled the Vision Pro headset during WWDC 2023 keynote event. The company even allowed the attendees to experience the Vision Pro headset. It featured clips form Avatar: The Way of Water. One thing to notice here is that it can also offer more immersive contents using stereoscopic 3D. Back in January 2022, the company declared its order for Godzilla TV series. However, there are no details when it will appear on TV+.

The series will be produced by Legendary Television with co-creator Chris Black working as executive producer and showrunner. It takes place after the fight between Godzilla and the Titans destroyed San Francisco. Black is noted for his contributions to “Star Trek: Enterprise” and “Outcast.”

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