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Moon Village, First Step To Explore Mars

European Space Agency said that creating a permanent Moon Village on the moon is the first step to explore Mars. They talked about it an annual meeting of 4,000 global space experts in Adelaide. ESA said the moon was the “right place to be”. The goal is that humans explore economic options beyond low-Earth orbit as Mars is the “ultimate destination”.

ESA’s Piero Messina told AFP “We have been living in low-Earth orbit for the last 17 years on board a space station and we are on our journey to Mars for the first human mission. In between, we believe that there is an opportunity to create a permanent… sustainable presence on the surface of the Moon.”

Reaching and settling in Mars is a big step and it was an essential part of International Astronautical Congress 2017 in Adelaide.

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Messina informed that the aim is to ensure a permanent presence on Moon if human presence is not possible maybe a robot will be placed in the next ten years.

He said, “There are a series of missions planned to the moon over the next 10 years, and all these missions will create a movement, a momentum, and will create a wealth of data that will enable building the village. I think it’s the right time now to start discussing, start planning for something which is as inspiring as the space station but on a truly global, international-cooperation basis.”

Another plan of NASA is to develop the very first lunar space station as part of the project known as Deep Space Gateway. Russian space agency Roscosmos and NASA will collaborate to build the station.