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Motion Stills: The Google app is not on Android

Motion Stills

Google launched its Motion Stills application for Android. The application was made public a year ago on iOS gadgets and Google guaranteed to expedite it Android. The application catches short video cuts and balances them out. You can share those video cuts with anybody as GIF or video documents.


Motion Stills has 2 modes, a Motion Still mode in which you can catch a 3-second video and offer them as a GIF record. The GIF record will be the circle of that 3-second video.

Motion Stills works a lot like Instagram features but with the option of sharing with offline friends

What’s more, the second mode is the Fast Forward mode, which gives you a chance to catch a 60 seconds video and you would then be able to quick forward it and offer it with companions through any medium or spare it to your gadget. You can choose the quick forward speed from 1x to 8x subsequent to recording. This component is really another option to Instagram’s Hyperlapse, which was launched on iOS and never conveyed to Android. Be that as it may, you can continue changing the quick forward speed even after the video is spared in Motion Stills, while Instagram’s Hyperlapse gives you a chance to pick the speed just once.

One of the greatest components of the application is its adjustment. The application balances out the caught video continuously. You simply catch the video and it gives you the settled rendition of it. Also, the adjustment happens disconnected, on your gadget, without the need of a web association.

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The application is accessible for Android gadgets running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop or more. You can download it from Google Play Store at this moment.

Image via Phandroid