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Mozilla Firefox Consumes More Memory After Recent Updates


Google Chrome is now the absolute leader in the browser industry, but its outstanding characteristics of eating memory have always been a headache. Mozilla Firefox, as a major substitute, has been well received for its low resource footprint, but it has not changed since now.

Under the influence of the new crown epidemic, Chrome and Edge have suspended or postponed major updates, and Firefox has insisted on upgrading, which is even more valuable. However, according to many netizens, the memory consumption of the latest version of Firefox has suddenly increased significantly, even exceeding Chrome, not only serious It slows down the system and sometimes causes crashes.

There is a post on Reddit that focuses on Firefox ‘s memory footprint, and there are quite a few responders. For example, a netizen said that even if only two or three tabs are opened, Firefox is very stuttered, and Chrome is very stable under the same circumstances. He also has a computer with 4GB memory, the impact is more obvious.

Another said that he initially thought he was infected with a virus, but later discovered that it was Firefox ’s own problem, and he has been using Firefox for a long time, which has never been the case before.

Currently, Mozilla has not responded to this issue and hopes to fix it in the next version. Firefox is currently the third-largest browser in the world. Microsoft Edge, which has replaced the Chromium core, has quickly climbed to the second position, so the pressure on Firefox will be greater, and the phenomenon of suddenly eating memory should be avoided.