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Mozilla Firefox To Start Serving Sponsored ads

Mozilla’s motto is “Internet for People” rather than the internet for profit, but Mozilla’s ventures are pushing the company into the practice which regards to the lest human-friendly aspect of the internet “a sponsored content”.

The company has acquired read-it-later service pocket last year, the company has been adding the new tabs to the browser with pocket reading suggestions—now going to include the links that an advertiser has paid for.

If you are the user of Mozilla Firefox nightly beta versions, then you must have come across sponsored links that appear among the pocket suggestions. According to the register, Firefox regular browser will get that ad serving feature when the version 60 will be released soon.

You Will Have an Option to Opt

Pocket founder Nate Weiner explained last week in a blog post that advertising model online is broken. He has cited the loss of privacy, transparency, and control of the users. Their approach is different from the other platforms providing users a choice to opt in while providing them all their benefits of transparency, privacy, and control.

This way Mozilla would be able to generate some income by placing sponsored links in front of users who opt-in. However, Mozilla promises to promote only valuable content which is worth reading or watching or visiting, meanwhile providing you with control over what you see and even disable sponsored suggestions completely if you do not like them.

Since Mozilla will not provide targetings like Google or Facebook the company is expected to generate a lot less revenue through its ads, but the company seems to shift from its philosophy of irritating users, but the revenue it will generate would be worth giving little irritation to users.

Google’s chrome top alternatives are Firefox, Safari, and Opera and Safari do not run on Windows and Android. Now between Firefox and Opera either the users have to sacrifice the privacy, device compatibility or attention. There are always some tradeoffs on the internet that you have to stick with.