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How much do you need to start and run a self-hosted blog?

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A self-hosted blog is a dream of every blogger but majority of them give up this idea due to cost factor. Obviously, starting and running a blog can become a costly affair if you don’t have proper guidance. In this post we will share the minimum amount you need to start a blog. No one can provide an upper limit when we are calculating blog investment.

When you choose WordPress CMS for your blog, you need to invest very small amount at initial stages. You can download this CMS for free from WordPress.org site. However, you need to purchase some other essential elements like a hosting package and domain name. The cost incurred on these elements will be based on your blog requirements.

You can also invest in SEO, premium plugins and themes but these factors are not necessary for a basic blog. You have to invest in following elements for starting a decent blog:

Domain Name

Domain name is like an address of your blog in the huge estate of internet. Choose a domain name which is short and sweet but easy to remember. It should be brandable or include the target keyword of your blog. There are different categories of domain names like Top Level Domains or TLDs, second level, third level and sub domains.

TLDs include country code TLD, generic TLD and internationalized country code TLD. Among generic TLD .com is most popular and it will cost you around $12. Other domain names can be cheaper or expensive depending on their demand.

Web Hosting Package

This element is crucial for proper performance of your blog. At the moment, there are two types of web hosting packages available for WordPress. Shared web hosting allows you to install WordPress CMS for free via Softaculous or any other installing software. Managed WordPress hosting is type of shared web hosting with optimized server for WordPress. The cost of web hosting will depend on its type and your selected package. The normal cost range for web hosting is around $50 to $150.

Set up Cost

With so many resources and tutorials available online, you can reduce this cost to zero. Setting up a WordPress blog is easy and simple and you can do it in matter of minutes with proper instructions First, you have to install WordPress CMS. This process is almost same for all web hosting providers. Their customer support team can also help you in installation.

Then, you have to generate a Sitemap for your blog as it is essential from SEO point of view. At the end you have to install utility and SEO plugins for WordPress. But with managed WordPress hosting, the CMS comes pre-installed with your package. There are many companies which offer help in set up but you have to pay for their services.

WordPress Theme

The cost of this element also depends on your choice. There are thousands of free and premium themes available for WordPress. The performance level offered by free themes is not same as premium themes. Choosing the right theme for a blog is the toughest decision when you are starting your blog. You have to keep in mind number of things like functionalities, price and speed. Genesis and Elegant themes are best in low-cost category.

WordPress Premium Plugins

You can find plenty of free but extremely handy plugins in WordPress plugin repo. Premium plugins are also available at different costs. However, if you want to start with minimum possible investment then you can skip premium plugins altogether.

Now below we have listed types of self-hosted blog with their corresponding costs:

  • Basic blog and free theme: $70
  • Basic blog and premium theme: $110
  • Professional blog and Genesis theme: around $400
  • Professional blog, premium theme and plugins: $499 to $1450

Wondering whether you need a self-hosted blog or not here are few signs that will help you make the decision. Also you look out for these risks when starting out a self-hosted blog.


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