Muslims Roasted MAC Cosmetics for Posting Suhoor Makeup Tutorial

Muslims on Twitter roasted MAC Cosmetic for releasing a Ramazan-themed tutorial video—they say missed the mark.

The MAC Cosmetics, Middle East recently published a video on YouTube providing Muslim women makeup tips for the pre-dawn suhoor meal.

The video was captioned— “Get Ready for Suhoor”. It featured a makeup artist applying kohl, eyeshadow and mascara to a woman before she indulges in the act of eating.

The cosmetics brand apparently have confused the Sehri meal, which is consumed by the Muslims before they start the day’s fast, with iftar—the meal consumed typically with friends and family after the sun sets and the fast ends.

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During Ramazan, the holiest month in the Muslim calendar, Muslims throughout the world fast from sunrise until sunsets. This time and actually the whole month is considered as a time for spiritual reflection and increased devotion and prayers.

Generally, it is really common for men and women to dress up for iftar, especially if they have invited guests or they have been invited somewhere. But little effort is invested into one’s appearance at the time of suhoor. In fact, many people enjoy the meal in their sleeping clothes, looking expectedly messy.

MAC’s video brought in many funny responses throughout the Twittersphere.

One user tweeted that MAC actually thinks that we go all dolled up for Sehri. She added that it appears that she has to look beautiful for her food.

Another one tweeted two pics side by side explaining MAC’s version of Sehri look and in actual how it is.

Another user tweeted:

However, many commenters did not mock MAC rather suggested that the video was geared to prosperous communities of the Gulf region, where the suhoor gatherings are apparently in vogue.

Estee Lauder—the parent company of MAC Cosmetics have not commented on the matter yet.

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