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National Geographic and Youtube collaborate on a VR series

National Geographic

National Geographic and YouTube are collaborating on three VR ventures, the first is set to make a big appearance on December eleventh. The computer-generated simulation arrangement will add to YouTube’s as of now a vast accumulation of VR content.

“National Geographic has always pushed the boundaries of visual storytelling,” Jenna Pirog, National Geographic’s senior director of video and immersive experiences, said in a statement. “We’re looking forward to a long-term partnership with YouTube that will allow us to remain industry stewards for marrying immersive technology with impactful storytelling.”

The main venture is a four-part series called The Okavango Experience, which will take watchers on a campaign of Africa’s Okavango Delta, home to a different selection of natural life including elephants, lions and several types of feathered creatures.

Every scene pursues a National Geographic Society group as they leave on a four-month, 1,500-mile endeavor through the delta. The researchers and voyagers making up the group traverse three nations as they attempt to see how to best protect the streams of the locale.

Every scene will be around five minutes in length. The primary will be accessible on National Geographic’s YouTube channel, its site and its Google Daydream VR application beginning December eleventh. The rest of the scenes will be discharged week after week on Tuesdays. National Geographic and YouTube will likewise discharge two more VR arrangement in 2019.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said not long ago that the organization was watching out for innovations like AR and VR, since they enable makers to set up a significantly closer association with watchers. Previously, Google has collaborated with Vogue, Major League Baseball and the NFL for VR series that was broadcast on YouTube.

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