NED University Builds First Ever Advanced Virtual Reality Lab

The NED University of Engineering and Technology in Karachi has set up a virtual reality centre which could be used for architecture, medical sciences research and other professional reasons.

It is said to be the first ever virtual centre that is established in any South Asian university under the department of civil engineering as informed by the university in a statement released on Tuesday.

The established laboratory is built at a cost of approximately around rupees fifteen million, has three basic systems which includes a walking VR (virtual reality) system, a virtual teaming system and a projection VR system.

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The most noticeable thing about this virtual reality centre is that any individual experiencing it could feel a presence in the artificial world. The individual would experience it and could be a part of the virtual project.  The individual could make changes and would be able to execute it in the physical world.

Farrukh Arif—the Project Director and Associate Professor of the VR Centre’s project told a local newspaper that at the moment, virtual models of the high-rise United States building, research projects, space shuttle, space visit models which includes the applications of various projects and aircraft manufacturing are part of the lab.

He said that once you become a part of the application, many changes could be brought in on the virtual basis. Later, the changes brought in the virtual world could be implemented in the real world.

Arif further added that the project could be used in the underground plants, construction industry, infrastructure development and mechanical engineering relating cars and aeroplane manufacturing industries and also by the healthcare industries.

Professor Dr Sarwish Lodhi—Vice Chancellor concluded by adding that instead of taking the students to fieldwork for project experiences, students should be exposed to the fieldwork virtually, which led to the creation of the lab.

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