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Need For Speed Unbound 15 Minutes Of GamePlay Is Leaked Here

Need For Speed Unbound

Are you a fan of the Need For Speed Series? Then it’s good news for you. Recently, Need For Speed Unbound the new upcoming Racing game has been leaked on the internet. Someone has got their hands on the new game and the gameplay is leaked.

You can watch the YouTube video which has been released showing almost 20 minutes of gameplay. However, the video quality is not up to mark, one of the videos that are available on YouTube is captured at 720p, and the second one at 1080p. But it’s the longest video so far that you can find for Need For Speed Unbound.

As first reported by Wccftech, the Need For Speed Unbound opens the return to the notorious Racing series of developer Criterion Games. The game company acquired Ghost Games which only provides support audio at the moment. The EA’s decision delayed the release of the game, due to the release of Battlefield 2042 last year. Criterion was busy helping DICE with their game release hence, the actual game Need For Speed Unbound was delayed further.

Earlier, we got some little official information about the NFS Unbound, when EA announced the game on October 6 which confirmed the rumors earlier to feature hybrid realistic/anime visuals (cel-shaded characters, optional anime-style graphic effects, and realistic environments) along with the renewed focus on street racing all in the game.

According to the details, the official date for the release of Need For Speed Unbound is December 2, probably a good time for the release to have fun with the racing giant during the Christmas holidays. It is also mentioned that EA Play and EA Play Pro subscribers would be able to get the game three days earlier than the official release.

The new Racing maniac would support NVIDIA DLSS3 on PC, gamers can also visit the complete overview of the game Need or Speed Unbound on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Now it’s time to watch the GamePlay of Need For Speed Unbound. You can also watch another 12 minutes of GamePlay posted by Gamespot here.

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