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Netflix is ending password sharing in 2023

According to reports, Netflix will crack down and require users to renew their subscriptions. This will allow them to crack password sharing. The customers will not be allowed to share their password without following a specific set of rules.

Around 100 million people in the Netflix audience borrowed their password from someone else, such as family or friends.On the other hand, Netflix is determined to end this password sharing facility completely.

Customers reacted negatively to Netflix’s plans to end password sharing, according to the Wall Street Journal.To test the idea of reducing password sharing, gradual measures were taken along with the observation of a reduction in audience.

Netflix is planning to add a payment to every watch that will restrain users from sharing passwords because of excessive payment bills. However, the company has rejected this idea and is looking for a more straightforward solution to this problem.

We can’t say how password sharing will end until the company takes concrete steps.Although the company set a bunch of rules for password sharing, Although, according to information from the help center, it was defined as the sharing of passwords with people using the same IP address. Netflix will track down the password sharing through IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity.

With this decision to end the password-sharing facility, Netflix has observed a great decline in customers since it started. Netflix lost its 200, 000 paid subscribers in the first four months of 2022.

Netflix is planning to provide more friendly deals for new subscribers. The company is planning to provide cost-friendly offers for ad support tiers. Netflix has proposed a new feature that will prevent history tracking and personal information collection in order to provide a more pleasant experience. A feature for removing logins was also recently introduced by the company.