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New Apple M1 Macs Lost Resale Value

M1 Macs

The new models with M1 processors not only generate enthusiasm among Mac users. For some, the products spoil the concept that has been working well for years with the valuable resale of the used devices.

Macs are actually known to have a relatively slow drop in resale value. Many users take advantage of this in order to always stay up to date with fairly manageable investments. For example, devices that cost $1,000 new will be sold for $800 after a year. Then you put some of your own money on it and get the latest model for $1,000. In the long run, you can stay up to date with the latest developments for $200 a year.

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But that hardly works at the moment. From the perspective of the used buyer, after the above-mentioned sample invoice, for $200 less you got a computer that was only a little behind a new device in terms of performance and future prospects. But this is completely different, as the colleagues from the ZDNet work out.

Pro devices will be hit harder

Because if you invest $200 more, you get a notebook with a much faster processor and a 50 percent increase in battery life. The resale prices of the previous $800 level are therefore currently more likely to be $600 by market observers.

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Only the lower price range is currently affected by the break in the used market. However, the development gives an impression of what users can expect in the upper sectors. Because here, in the end, even pro users have to expect that in a few months devices will come onto the market that cost less than was previously required for used systems and that achieve significantly higher performance. The drop in prices will thus increase significantly again.