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New Apple Magsafe Charger Goes Through FCC Certification

MagSafe Charging

The new iPhone generation will be introduced soon. According to an entry with the certification authority FCC, the new models could be brought onto the market with a revised MagSafe charging station. A corresponding device is currently being tested.

As a Twitter user, Dave Zatz via 9to5mac noticed, the MagSafe model was submitted to the FCC on August 13th. MagSafe is a technology that was first integrated into the iPhone 12. The charger consists of several magnets that ensure that the accessories can be connected to the phone safely and without great effort. The MagSafe chargers work wirelessly and charge the iPhone with an output of up to 15 watts without slipping.

While the current MagSafe charger has the model number A2140. the variant recently submitted to the FCC has the designation A5248. It is currently unclear what differences the revised version will bring with it. It is conceivable that the manufacturer has equipped the charger with somewhat stronger magnets. The charging station was tried out in combination with the four iPhones A2341, A2172, A2176, and A2342 as well as four new flagship models. The new version of the MagSafe charger may not only be compatible with the next generation of iPhones, but also with the iPhone 12 models.

Apple event taking Place On September 14

The iPhone 13 will be presented on September 14th and thus in the coming week. The invitations should be sent out today. In addition to the new smartphone models, accessory products such as the revised MagSafe charger and a new Apple Watch are likely to be announced at the Apple event.