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New iPhone 13 Renders Exposed Design Details

iPhone 13 Renders

Apple is likely to hold an autumn new product launch conference in September this year similar to the company’s past event schedules, the event is focused on bringing the latest generation of iPhone the notorious iPhone 13 series. After the success of the iPhone 12, the users are more excited about the iPhone 13 series. Although there are still a few months away from the press conference, the news about the device is circulating 24/7.

Recently, a leaker has exposed the renderings of the new iPhone 13, which showed that the phone will be equipped with the same small notch scheme as the iPhone 13 Pro. Apple moved the handset to the top of the screen to make room for the Face ID component. More space, effectively reducing the area of ​​bezels.

In addition, the iPhone 13 will still adopt a square frame design as a whole, while the rear dual-camera arrangement has been replaced with a unique diagonal design. This is also the first camera module in history to adopt such a strange arrangement.

According to the details, the iPhone 13 series is the generation that has seen the biggest change in appearance in the past four years. This will bring great freshness to consumers who are already aesthetically tired, and it is expected to further increase the iPhone’s market share.

iPhone 13 will further enhance the colorful color scheme for the new iPhones to make them more vibrant, launching 7 colors including black, white, red, coral, green, blue, and rose gold, which will also effectively expand the audience of iPhone 13. And then promote sales.

As for the configuration, the iPhone 13 series will upgrade the Apple A15 processor, using TSMC’s second-generation 5nm process, which will not only have more powerful performance but also further reduce power consumption and improve the battery life of the 5G iPhone.