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New IPhone 8 Might Come With 3D Facial Recognition And Eye Scanner Technology

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iPhone has been a hot topic to discuss for the last few months, experts are giving their opinions about the look and featuring of New iPhone 8. The name is also presumably called as iPhone 8. Previous feature leaks suggest that iPhone would be featuring 3D facial recognition for the first time.

Experts now started to realize that as part of facial recognition, iPhone will ditch the Touch ID fingerprint censor and it would be replaced with 3D facial recognition. Verge Quoted KGI’s report and said, “The new iPhone 8 would will use virtual home button without integrated fingerprint sensor.”

Forbes also acknowledges the removal of home button with integrated fingerprint sensor. As far as eye scanning is concerned there is no solid evidence about it, Bloomberg and Business Insider reported that, iPhone would be testing 3D facial recognition and iris scanning, but eye-scanning technology is still rumored across the blogging sphere.

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Reports also suggest that during the tests, facial recognition system took more time and data points as compared to fingerprint sensor. As Apple is going to discontinue touch ID fingerprint sensor it is probable that the new iPhone 8 would come up with larger screen display. Apple reportedly testing dedicated chip for AI processing in this model apart from sensors.

The new AI chip would boost the battery performance and AI related tasks would be allocated to this chip, making iPhone fastest than ever before because, the load of data processing would be divided on two chips. The new display would also feature the most elegant and fastest screen, the technology enables smoother and faster scrolling at 120Hz as compared to regular 60Hz.

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