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New Video Games Created with Artificial Intelligence

Playing video games is a lot of fun and even more fun when you play video games in virtual reality, but all that fun is easy to do, creating games in difficult.

To make this difficult task easier for developing games, researchers in the US are trying their luck to create Video Games using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The researchers have created first machine learning-based automated game designer, researchers put input from the three old Nintendo games and then asked the algorithm to create a new one.

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Mathew Guzdial, a Ph.D. candidate at Georgia Tech explained, “Our system has scanned through video, and without the human intervention the system can define its levels, rules on its own with the understanding of all those things, and then we combine that understanding of the system to create new things.”

The system algorithm had some unusual ideas, Mathew says some of the ideas are not great, he gave an example of an unusual enemy created by the algorithm which can neither move nor killed by the game hero.

Mark Riedl, Associate Professor at Georgia Tech when asked by BBC, Is AI going to replace human game developers? He said, “I doubt that any time soon this could happen because of the complexity involved in creating designs before we can do that we have to go into fully AI machine-leaned constructive universe where all the mechanics, terrains, rules and everything is fully generated.

But it’s a way forward to what we are thinking to do today we can do it tomorrow.