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New WhatsApp update will restrict you from forwarding messages

A social messaging app called WhatsApp by Facebook Inc. has announced to limit the forwarding messages.

The company has decided to apply the changes to all users of WhatsApp. The company took the decision after the violent incidents took place in India when the fake messages goes viral through the WhatsApp.

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The people of India are at the top of the list in the whole world for forwarding more messages, videos, and images.

The company said that they are also testing a lower limit of five chats at once. Which means after forwarding the message to five chats, the quick forward button right next to the media messages will be disabled and no one will be allowed to forward that particular message to others.

After the deaths and other violent incidents occurred cause of sharing fake news through WhatsApp in India, the relations among the people in the state are getting worse as more than 200 million people are using WhatsApp in India that’s why the authorities called for the immediate action to stop this kind of incidents.