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‘The News Education Expo 2017’ starts on May 21 at the expo center Lahore

The News Education Expo 2017 Lahore: Expo Center

Starting May 20, the Jang Media Group proudly inaugurates yet another ‘The News Education Expo 2017‘ in Lahore. The mega education expo will last for 2 days i.e. May 20 and May 21.

As always, this mega event is expected to bring thousands of students, professionals, and others from the city and outside. The event manages to connect students with renowned institutions both local and foreign.

The free 2-day education exhibition would end on Sunday with the day bringing in some counseling opportunities for students. Career counselor Syed Abidi will be seated on the second day of The News Education Expo 2017 and would guide the students to plan their future under the counseling seminar; Emerging subject areas and scholarship opportunities. The counseling seminar would start at 3 pm.

Umar Saif, Chairman PITB and VC of ITU inaugurated the mega event at the Expo Center Lahore (Johar Town). Umar Said has always focused the young minds on helping them make Pakistan a much better to live in. His venture Plan 9 under the supervision of PITB has already helped many startups to boost their venture and helped them counted among few of the top startups of the world.

With events like The News Education Expo, 2017 and minds like Umar Saif, Pakistan and its citizens are not far from touching the skies. Anyone could measure the success of the country due to such great minds in the previous few years.

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