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NewsGuard is a new venture to counter Fake News on the internet

A new venture is being launched by two well-known American journalists, which was announced on Monday, the venture named “NewsGuard” would help protect online users to fall prey into the fake news, the NewsGuard will conduct reliability ratings for media outlets according to the details—AFP.

The founders of NewsGuard have the plan to hire dozens of experienced journalists who will then analyze the 7500 news information websites that are popular and shared in the United States. The founders are all set to launch NewsGuard in November well before mid-term elections in the United States, Steven Brill and Gordon Crovitz said in a statement.

How NewsGuard will work

The NewsGuard will provide reliability ratings in three different colors to identify, Green, Yellow, and Red. Green color will indicate the authentic news source while yellow will be marked with caution, However, Red color will indicate the sites that deliberately disseminate fake information to the users.

Moreover, Crovitz and Brill said NewsGuard will also provide “Nutrition Labels” for all 7500 news sources under review. The labels would be a detailed analysis of the outlet and will explain the reasons why a publisher is receiving Green, Yellow or Red rating label.

Fake News Problem

Fake News has been a popular word among media, publishers and tech companies for the year 2017. The problem is quite serious and the tech companies are working tirelessly to curb the issue, WhatsApp starting testing alerts for fake news in January, Facebook has been trying to control the issue for long and Google also introduced Fact Check tag last year. Whether the NewsGuard can play a significant role is still to watch, however, it can also create disputes among the publishers.