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Nextdoor rollout the anti-racism notification

Nextdoor is now alerting users to review their post before it is live when the platform thinks it could be an objectionable content.


Nextdoor is adding a new feature where users would be prompted with an alert if their message contains something objectionable. This new feature would save uses from anything not suitable for its viewers and would ask the user to edit the post before sending it out. Of course, users could ignore the warning.

In a blog post, Nextdoor states:

“We made this change in light of our ongoing anti-racism work to make Nextdoor a platform where everyone belongs. Since 2015, we have partnered with racial justice experts to ensure that Nextdoor is a welcoming environment for all neighbors.

In 2019, we announced the Kindness Reminder, a first of its kind feature that detects offensive language and encourages neighbors to edit before posting. That prompt has resulted in a 30% reduction in incivil content.

Today, we are taking this one step further with the launch of the anti-racism notification that detects language that could be specifically discriminatory to people of color. “

The company said that it doesn’t want that its users make any mistake by posting objectionable content. The platform wishes that all uses could stay well-aware of the company’s guidelines and avoid violating the social network’s discrimination policy. The company believes that this new feature could reduce the bad behavior on the platform, making it a safer place for everyone.