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Nintendo Said There Is No More New Hardware This Year

Nintendo fans have long been waiting for a new version of the successful Switch console, which is often referred to as the Pro model. But with the exception of the new variant with an OLED display, Nintendo disappoints in this regard. And that will remain so for the time being.

Rumors and speculation about a Switch Pro from Nintendo have been around for what feels like an eternity and there have been repeated reports from alleged insiders that the presentation and launch of this revised version of the hybrid console are imminent. But nothing of this has happened so far. In a new article, the Japanese business newspaper analyzes Nikkei Nintendo’s current state and looks at the company’s latest figures. According to these figures, the manufacturer shows a decline in hardware and software sales for the three months to June 2022 compared to the previous year.

Nikkei notes that Nintendo has no other choice at the moment. Because you need all the components to build current consoles. In other words, even if you wanted to build a Pro variant, you wouldn’t be able to produce it in practice.

Difficult delivery situation

Nintendo boss Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed this to the paper: “Usually we build up supplies in the summer to prepare for the end-of-year sales season, which is at its peak. This summer we can’t produce as much as usual.”

Nintendo has already confirmed that a new device is already being prepared: in November 2021, the company announced that the concept and timing of the next hardware were discussed internally, which, according to Furukawa, had not changed. Specifically, however, this means that “no new hardware will be announced this year,” according to the Nintendo president. There’s no rush, Furukawa said, as Nintendo believes the Switch is still in the midst of its life cycle.