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Nintendo Servers Could Overload During Christmas Weekend

Nintendo Super Switch

The festival is just around the corner and a Nintendo Switch will once again be found under many Christmas trees. Some will also activate their Nintendo accounts next weekend. But the games company warns to do this on the day the presents are presented.

The Nintendo Switch console is and will remain a long-runner, this is true all year round, but especially at Christmas. Also on this Friday or Saturday, some will have a special joy, not only here but all over the world.

But the manufacturer has warned the recipients, or rather the Santa Clauses, that server problems can arise if you want to activate the Nintendo account immediately after unpacking it. As IGN reports, citing a tweet from the Japanese company, the company does not rule out technical problems over the Christmas weekend.

Server overload threat looms

Nintendo Japan support writes: “This weekend we expect the Nintendo Account servers to be heavily used and you will not be able to create a Nintendo Account right away. If you want to use the Nintendo Switch family for the first time, we recommend You create an account beforehand. “

At the moment Nintendo only mentions the creation of accounts, there is no mention of other online services or the eShop for digital games. However, it cannot be ruled out that you will need patience when buying games for Christmas. Because in the previous year there was a significant server overload on December 25th. As a result, games could not be bought or downloaded that day.

So it is certainly not a mistake to create an account in advance or to pre-install suitable games – especially if the console is given away to children. Because without games, the joy could be followed immediately by disappointment.

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