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Nintendo Switch Pro Delayed Due To Chip Shortage

Nintendo switch OLED

Last summer Nintendo unveiled a new OLED version of the Switch console, which will also be available from next week. But apparently this model was a kind of compromise, because Nintendo wanted to throw a more powerful device on the market for a long time.

The rumors about a Nintendo Switch Pro lasted for months, with some speculations one can even speak of years. But fans who were looking forward to or waiting for a more powerful model with 4K support had to be disappointed in the summer. Because instead of the Pro device, the Japanese only presented a relatively unexciting update of the hardware, for which even the official name was and is boring: Nintendo Switch (OLED model).

A report from Bloomberg now confirms that the Switch Pro was anything but wishful thinking, but was actually planned and still is. And these plans were probably already well advanced: Because the business portal writes that at least eleven developers can be identified who have received suitable developer kits from Nintendo.

Higher resolution for switch games

According to Bloomberg, these partners have been instructed by Nintendo to design games with a higher resolution than currently. The Japanese manufacturer has already reacted to the report and initially announced that it was “imprecise” – what you mean by that, Nintendo did not say. It should be noted here that this did not sound like a categorical or passionate denial. However, the manufacturer later submitted a more sharply worded statement and now writes that the whole story is wrong.

Nevertheless, one can certainly believe Bloomberg, also with regard to the reasons for the postponement: Accordingly, the current chip and component crisis is to blame for the Switch Pro not coming this year, but only in 2022 – and at the earliest.